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Crop Breed Genet Genom. 2023;5(4):e230005.


Virtual Special Issue: Vegetable Crop Breeding and Genetics—Addressing Global Needs

Prashant Kaushik

Culta Inc., Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-6018, Japan

Received: 22 December 2023; Accepted: 25 December 2023; Published: 25 December 2023

This article belongs to the Virtual Special Issue "Vegetable Crop Breeding and Genetics—Addressing Global Needs"


As the foundation of healthy diets worldwide, vegetable crops offer essential micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals. However, myriad challenges from climate change, plant diseases, insect pests, and abiotic stresses threaten sustainable vegetable production. This special issue focuses on harnessing innovations in breeding and genetics to create resilient, nutritious vegetable crops that can fulfill rising demands.

We welcome submissions spanning diverse vegetable crop species and research themes. Priority topics include:






Both original research articles and insightful reviews will be considered.

This special issue provides a premier platform to disseminate cutting-edge vegetable crop research, from uncovering genetic mechanisms to applying new breeding technologies like speed breeding and genomic selection. By gathering perspectives from public, private and academic sectors worldwide, we aim to accelerate genetic gain for improved yield, quality, pest resistance and stress tolerance in vegetable crops.

Ultimately this compilation of topical research will inform innovative strategies to sustainably enhance vegetable production under shifting environments and intensifying production systems. The new science, tools and insights showcased will drive progress towards nourishing an expanding global population with safe, nutritious and affordable vegetables.


The term for article submission is set for 31 August 2024. All publications will be open access and available online. Publication fees will be fully waived for papers submitted to this special issue.

We are looking forward to receiving your submissions!

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