CBGG, AGMR, JSR and Immunometabolism Have Released Their Inaugural Issues on July 31st

As a milestone of Hapres Ltd, we have four new journals released their first issues on July 31st 2019, thanks to the hard work of all editors. These journals are: Crop Breeding, Genetics and Genomics (ISSN: 2632-7309); Advances in Geriatric Medicine and Research (ISSN: 2632-9921); Immunometabolism (ISSN: 2633-0407); Journal of Sustainability Research (ISSN: 2632-6582).

Totally 33 high quality papers from 132 authors are published. These authors are from 23 countries worldwide. On behalf of the journal editors, we would like to thank the authors for their trust and support on these brand new journals and on Hapres Ltd.

Crop Breeding, Genetics and Genomics (CBGG, ISSN: 2632-7309) is a journal jointly launched by the State Key Laboratory of Hybrid Rice and Hapres. Academician YUAN Longping serves as the Honorary Editor-in-Chief. CBGG is a quarterly peer-reviewed open access journal dedicated to provide the latest advances in the areas of crop breeding and evolution, genetics, functional genomics, bioinformatics and biotechnology, including cereals, legumes, oil crops, root and tuber crops, horticultural crops, and other cash crops. It aims to promote research communications in the areas of crop science by providing a unified forum for scientists working in agriculture and botany to share their latest findings with a broad audience worldwide.

Inaugural Issue can be read freely at Crop Breeding, Genetics and Genomics, Volume 1, Issue 1 (2019)

Journal of Sustainability Research (JSR, ISSN 2632-6582) is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal published online quarterly by Hapres. Our vision of the future is of a world of sustainable human societies, which qualify as such by having demonstrated their pervasive, ongoing capacity for facilitating, enhancing, and sustaining indefinitely in that facilitated or enhanced state the well-being of human individuals, their communities, and their environments. We envision the Journal of Sustainability Research, therefore, as a forum for the publication of research undertaken in support of that vision.

Inaugural Issue can be read freely at Journal of Sustainability Research, Volume 1, Issue 1 (2019)

Immunometabolism (ISSN: 2633-0407) is a quarterly international open-access peer-reviewed journal reporting latest advances in a rapidly expanding field of investigation linking the disciplines of immunology (including immune cell function) and metabolism (including metabolic regulation). In this new journal, we aim to publish articles that describe molecular processes that impact health by changes in metabolism and immune function.

Inaugural Issue can be read freely at Immunometabolism, Volume 1, Issue 1 (2019)

Advances in Geriatric Medicine and Research (AGMR, ISSN: 2632-9921) is intended for geriatricians, researchers, and health professionals acting in the complex field of geriatrics (clinics) and aging (research). The main aim of the journal is to provide a high standing forum and interface where researchers, clinicians, health professionals, health care providers can (1) publish their original, novel and high-impact works (including new conceptualizations), (2) raise awareness to issues of broad interest in the field of aging, (3) break boundaries and integrate knowledge, as well as (4) debate on controversial issues.


Inaugural Issue can be read freely at Advances in Geriatric Medicine and Research, Volume 1, Issue 1 (2019)

We are really excited about the future of these journals and we believe they will help fulfill our mission to better serve the academic communities and advance research communication by making quality content freely accessible to the widest audience.

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