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Manuscripts submitted to our journals are reviewed by at least two reviewers, who are asked to evaluate the quality of the manuscript and provide a recommendation to the external editor on whether the manuscript can be accepted, requires revisions or should be rejected. Please note that one important aspect of the review process is to help the authors to improve their work, so please be objective, constructive, and helpful, making sure your critiques are substantiated with facts or with suggestions on possible improvements.

We ask the invited reviewers to accept or decline any invitations quickly based on the manuscript title and abstract, suggest alternative reviewers if an invitation must be declined, and request an extension if more time is required to compose a review report. If you have a potential conflict of interest, please inform the editorial office immediately.

Benefits of Reviewers

Peer review is the cornerstone of quality research and the work of reviewers are hardly recognized. At Hapres, we would like to show our appreciation of reviewers’ work in following ways:




Confidentiality and Anonymity

Reviewers should keep all materials they received during the peer-review process strictly confidential, and should not share the review or information about the review with anyone before obtaining permission from the editorial office.

For single blinded peer review, reviewer’s identity will not be revealed to the authors. Reviewers should be careful not to include their identity information in their comments or in metadata for reports submitted in Microsoft Word or PDF format.

Please note that reviewers can access to all review reports for manuscripts they review via the online submission system after the final decisions have been made on these manuscripts.


Hapres aims to provide an efficient and high quality publishing service to authors and to the scientific community. Reviewers are asked to assist by providing review reports in a timely manner. Please contact the editorial office if you require an extension to the review deadline.

Rating the Manuscript

The aspects of the manuscript to be rated include originality/novelty, significance, quality of presentation, scientific soundness, interest to the readers, overall merit and English level.

Manuscripts submitted to our journals should meet the requirements of publication ethics. If reviewers suspect any violation of publication ethics and research ethics such as plagiarism, duplicated publication, data fabrication or falsification, or any other unethical behavior related to the manuscript, they should inform the editorial office immediately.

Review Report

The reviewer should provide a review report, which contains:

A brief summary outlining the aim of the article and its main contributions; Major comments highlighting areas of strength and weakness, which should be specific enough for authors to be able to respond; Specific minor comments referring to line numbers, tables or figures. Reviewers need not comment on formatting issues that do not obscure the meaning of the paper, as these will be addressed by production editors.

If the authors choose to revise the paper, reviewers may be asked to provide a further review of the revised paper to see if the concerns have been addressed.

Volunteer to Be a Reviewer for Our Journals?

If you are interested in reviewing articles for Hapres journals, please send your contact details, institutional affiliation, a short CV, and 6-8 keywords in terms of your expertise to the editorial office. The managing editor of the journal will send you a notification once it is approved. We also invite you to register your details in Hapres homepage to receive more services.

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